Opening Milonga

Nizami Restaurant

A beautyfull night, full of music, dance , good energy, where you will enjoy a tipical social Tango athmosphere, whether by dancing or just by watching.
In between the social dancing, there will be presentations of local teachers and foreigner Maestros, with our great DJ Al Fredo from Baku

Baku loves Tango
Baku loves Milonga

DJ: Al Fredo

Foreign maestros:
Agustina Piaggio and Maksim Gerasimov, Iakof Shonsky and Mariam Rossa,
Cecilia Acosto and Levan Gomelauri, Julio Saavedra and Tekla Gogrichiani
Local schools:
R&N Project; Ilham Osmanov Studio; E.L. Club de Tango; Tango ON; Tango