Agustina Piaggio & Maksim Gerasimov

Argentine/ Russia


Agustina Piaggio and Russian Maksim Gerasimov are the Winners of the 2019 edition of the Tango World Championship which is celebrated, obviously, every year in Buenos Aires, Argentina's. Augustina Piaggio, originally from Tierra del Fuego, started dancing in the city of Rio Grande contemporary and classical dance at the age of 12 at the Centro Polivalente de arte. At 15 years old she started dancing the Tango in the studio of Yamili Fazarri. In 2010 she went in Buenos Aires to continue training as a tango dancer. Then she decided to move to Moscow, where she started working as a professional tango dancer and that's where she met her colleague the Russian Maksim Gerasimov. He started dancing when he was 6 years old. Danced and worked in Moscow, S-Petersburg, Poland; 4-time Russian Champion in ballroom dancing; Finalist and winner of international competitions in Italy, Spain, Serbia, Germany, Austria and Poland; Master of Sports of Russia; Finished ballroom dancing career when he was 22 years old. And started his career in Argentine tango. Augustina and Maksim barely shared few words of Spanish, some of English and some of Russian, when they agreed to work together. But when you see them dancing together, you will be fascinated by how wonderful, fluid, delicate and deep is their communication. That’s way “We speak tango”, the statement of the brand-new champion Maksim Gerasimov, may seem like a mere poetic flight, but this phrase is much more literal than one might think.